Ha Manahel - A Complete Digital Solution For Your Church

Ha Manahel removes the difficulty of pondering over old records and preparing documents and certificates one after the other. The strain of manually entering figures and details in ledgers and records will be eased. Ink smudged and faded records will now give way to neat print-outs which can be kept bound for later reference, in addition to data stored electronically.

Ha Manahel is a user friendly complete package for church administration. No expertise in computers is needed, and its management is made easy with the initial training offered by the company. Its backup facility ensures that data once stored will not be lost. Printing of annual reports or account statements for committees can be done without botheration of proof checking at the printers’. Entry and generation of list of parish members (under heads like prayer cell or ward) with details of important dates, qualification, phone numbers, work details, subscription and the like form a basic level of Ha Manahel. It stores significant dates like baptism, confirmation, marriage and demise. Retrieval of anniversary lists for a period of time will be at our finger tips. On the accounts front, the software generates financial reports, and facilitates ledger wise accounting.

Ha Manahel Mobile Application For iOS & Android

1 . Download and launch the HaManahel app on any Android or iOS mobile device
2 . Sign in with your member account created by church admin
3 . Get all the info at your finger-tips

  • Family/Member search
  • Send messages to members
  • Receive updates from church/Vicar
  • Online Payments
  • Priest can send notifications and manage family visits
  • Blood group search
  • Manage family and family member details
  • Manage pivacy settings

Sample Screens